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Immigrating to America



Your gorgeous and sexually repressed mother had run away with you seeking asylum in America. You were quite well off in the middle east and adjusting to American life was hard on the both of you. But way harder for you as time went on. She was relatively liberal and culturally open as far as many Muslim parents were, but she still was very religious and wore her hijab at all times.

Your school assigned ‘friend’ had hit it off extremely well with your Mom. He quickly became your bully however. And your bully had planned on skipping school someday as soon as he had laid eyes on your mother.

Today was that day.

He was assigned to be your transfer-student liaison and school guide. Your mother trusted him completely and seemed delighted to be around him.


While you were grateful that your biggest bully was absent today from school, so was your mother but for different reasons. He was everything you weren’t. White,large,masculine and he fit in while you had just recently immigrated from a war-torn middle eastern country. Your english was good,better than your sweet arab mom, who was way too trusting for her own good. Thats why he had your phone number and knew your address. That’s how he so easily sent you this image during class.

And then this one.


The text accompanying the graphic images wrote:

Lubed my fat dick with pig oil beforehand,haha

You was so racist and cruel. He had mentioned in passing that he was a party member of a skinhead group too…

Why hadn’t you warned your mother? Did she know what pig fat tasted like.  Would your single mother would have even cared?


Perhaps she found it delicious?



“Thank you for helping my son out..” he sent those words with another photo

You cringed..did she really say that? Probably, the photos weren’t that ambiguous. But what about the camera? Did she know he was your bully and not your ‘friend’?  Your mom was so quick to cuck you in-exchange for being fed your big American bully’s mean,fat cock.

I guess he fucked her ass then stuck his cock straight in her mouth

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مع سايق 

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