Kink Alphabet Ask Meme


A = Anal: Is Anal more fun than frontal penetration?
B = Brat: How obedient do you like people to be in the bedroom? Is disobeying fun?
C = Cum: Turn on, turn off, or favorite?
D = Denial: How long can you edge before it can’t be taken it anymore?
E = Exhibitionism: Do you like being seen getting off? Ever done anything explicitly hoping to get caught?
F = Fucking Machines: Have you ever had a chance to ride a fucking machine? Would you?
G = Glory Hole: Would you ever go to a glory hole? Have you been to one?
H = Humiliation: Do you like to humiliate/be humiliated? Any stories?
I = Ice: Are you in to temperature play?
J = Jack Off: How often do you masturbate and what’s your favorite way to do so?
K = Kitten: In to pet play? Do you prefer kittens or pups?
L = Latex: Latex, leather, or neither?
M = Medical: Have you ever done any kind of medical play? Share stories!
N = Nope: What’s your biggest turn off?
O = Orgasm Control: Would you give up your orgasms for somebody? Would you take them from somebody?
P = Pubes: Full bush, trimmed, shaved, waxed, what do you do? What do you prefer?
Q = Queening: Self explanatory. In to it?
R = Rope: What’s your favorite means of tying somebody up?
S = Switch: How often do you switch or are you exclusively one role in the bedroom?
T = Teasing: How much is just the right amount of teasing before somebody gets dicked down? And what are you favorite means of teasing?
U = Uncut: Do you have a preference or are all cocks built equally?
V = Vanilla: What are you favorite ‘vanilla’ things for when you’re not in a particularly kinky mood?
W = Wildcard: Answer any question submitted to you but you can only give Yes/No answers
X = xvideos: Have/Would you ever upload videos of yourself online?
Y = Yuri & Yaoi: Are you in to it? Does 2d get you going?
Z = Zzz: Have any fantasies involving sleep?